Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fat Fit vs Skinny Fat

I am sure you have all heard the term Skinny Fat, if not it is used to describe people who are skinny but are not really in shape.  Well I was thinking today that there should be a term for those of us who are fat but are still in good shape, maybe Fat Fit?  Can you be fat and still fit?  I think so; I probably need to lose about 30+ pounds so I would be considered fat my most standards.  But at the same time I can run 8 miles, I can swim over a ¼ mile; I can bike over 15 miles, and do many other active fit things.  So even though I am fat I consider myself to be pretty fit.  

I wonder though why our society is totally fine with people who are Skinny Fat but not okay with those of us who are Fit & Fat.  I mean really I may have some extra pounds on me but I am in much better shape than some skinny people I know, and I set the heart monitors off at the doctors because my resting heart rate is so low (that is because I AM a runner).  So why is it that people choose to judge me because I have had a hard time losing all this weight after having two kids?  Why don’t they judge the girl who sits around eating crap and watching TV all day but just happens to have an awesome metabolism?  How is that girl better than me?   How is that girl Healthier than me?
Do I want to lose the extra weight I have?  Yes, but to be honest I have been trying and am really not sure at all what I am doing wrong at this point.  I even change to a totally Vegan diet and did not lose a pound.  So I have been trying to come to terms with the fact that I am now fat and maybe fat for a while (until I can figure out why I am not losing any weight).   

So as a society maybe before we decide to judge the chubby girl for letting her self-go or for being a couch potato maybe you should find out if she is just someone who is Fat & Fit and could maybe be in even better shape than you!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our first run with BOB

Well I ended up having to take Friday off of work since there was no school and my sitter had the day off.  And since I had the girls you know I had to go try out the new BOB right. 

I was a little sad when I woke up and it was 40 degrees out, I was not sure if I should take the girls out when it was that chilly.  But I asked some of my Running Mom friends and they just told me to bundle them up and they would be fine so that is what I did.
Since I had no plans for the day I drove out to my favorite trail (Mill Creek).  It is such a nice trail to run on and I always see other runners, walkers, or bikers which is nice too.  The kids really seemed to enjoy the run; it was Little Bit’s first run ever (how have I never taken her on a run in the past year?).  But Munchkin is an old pro at this. Even our doggie Prada was excited to go running and try out the new stroller, she was not bothered by it at all and ran right next to it the whole run.

Within the first mile of out run we saw 2 deer, Munchkin was so excited she wanted to go pet them and be there friend and did not understand why they ran away.  She just loves all animals and thinks they are all her friend (she is so my daughter). 
I have to admit that after about a mile I was getting pretty winded.  It is a LOT harder to push two kids than it is to run alone.  So I had to take a couple walk brakes but it was still a great workout and we all had fun so that is really what matters. 

We found an off road section of the trail and had to try it out to see how BOB did off roading.  Still a smooth nice ride for the girls and still easy for me to push, man I love this stroller! 
After I got my run in we had to stop at the playground for the girls to play a bit.  They were so good on the run they deserved some play time. 

April Goal Updates
My running goal is right on track, I ran about 9 miles last week which is more than I needed for my goal.   My Ab challenge however is not doing so well.  Forgot all about it over the weekend and have not done my daily ab 30/30/30 in a few days.  But plan to restart that up today.  The good news is I weighed myself and I lost another 2.5 pounds last week so we are right on track.

Virtual 5k

Have you signed up for the Race to Cure Diabetes?  All proceeds of this Virtual 5k benefit JDRF, which is a great cause.  If you have not signed up go here and sign up today.  The race is later this month and you can run anywhere (that is why it is a virtual 5k).  And just by registering you are entered to win so many awesome prizes it is just crazy how many awesome things have been donated.  So sign up today.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introducing my new friend BOB

I have been waiting to meet Bob for a very long time.  When I had my first daughter I looked for Bob but he was just out of reach.  When I had my second daughter, there was no way I could even think about it. 

So how did we finally meet after so many years?  I found him on Craigs List, and for an AWESOME price.  I know what you all are thinking “I check Craigs list all the time and don’t see Bob”.  Well keep looking, because that is what I thought too.  In my town I found that most people who want to sell their Bob’s list them late at night so you need to be ready to JUMP first thing in the morning.  As soon as you wake up check the listings.  Then send an email if they leave a number call (well maybe wait till 8am for that).

You see Bob is very popular and so many people want to be his friend so if you don’t act fast and keep on trying even when you think you will never meet then you will never meet him.  I had my doubts about our meeting, but I am so glad I kept on trying because as of yesterday Bob is my friend. 
You can imagine my excitement and desire to put my girls in this new stroller and try it out, but alas my oldest had Gymnastics last night (annoying right!).  So I had to wait till she was done with that then I loaded up the girls and just ran around in front of the house.  This thing handles like a dream.  So smooth even on the rocky road (did I mention I live in BFE).  The girls liked it, and said it was a smooth ride for them (okay only the oldest talks and she said that, but I am sure the little one would have said it too if she could talk).   And yes I totally made my hubs stand in the front of the house and snap pictures of me running around in circles.  Hey this is a family affair ;)

So my first impression of Mr. Bob.  He is a total dream.  I could not have asked for or gotten a better stroller. This thing just glides much easier to push than the single jogger I have.  Next week I plan to take this baby out for a longer ride, or maybe I won’t wait that long.  And I promise to keep you all updated on my new buddy, but don’t ask to borrow him he is MINE (wow I am just a little possessive huh).

Are you friends with Bob? 


Monday, April 2, 2012

April Goals

I have found that I do much better when I have a goal or challange.  So this month I am going to do both. 

The group of running moms that I belong too better known as the Running Mom Mafia are doing an ab challange for the month of April.  The challange is to do three different types of ab workouts a day 30 reps of each so it is a 30/30/30 challage.  I got my reps in last night and plan to keep it going for the rest of this month. 

A lot of the moms are taking before pictures but I actually took a before picture a couple weeks ago so that I can see my weight loss as I progress. I am not going to post because I just am not happy with the way I look right now.  I knwo it should not matter but it does and I don't want that picture across the web of me, well maybe if I photoshop it but then it would not be a very good before picture.  I do promise to post it at a later date with my after picture.

That there is my challage for April now for my goal.  My April goal is to run 30 miles.  I know not a lot but truth be told I have not even been coming close to that and I don't want to start off with a big jump in millage (still scared of my leg). 

It is funny because when I break down the mileage by week it come to 7.5 miles a week and I am actually a little intimadated by that.  It has been a while since I ran this much so it really is a good goal that I know if I really try I can acheive, but I have to get out there and do it.  Feel free to push me, I may need it!

So there you have it now it is all on paper and the pressure is on.  I WILL DO THIS!

Do you set goals for your self each month?


Sunday, April 1, 2012

The power of Positive Thinking

This past week has been a tough one.  I did not work out one day and well did not eat very well either.  I am an emotional eater and my emotions were going crazy. 

My hubs is being activated and will be gone for a couple months and the bitterness and resentment finally set in.  It is hard knowing that he will get to rest and relax (he will where he is going, and the type of job it is) while I am here going crazy with the kids and trying to keep up with this house, pets, and work.  URH, I have been very resentful. 
I am a very happy glass is half full person, I pretty much have always been.  It is not often I let myself fall into despair and let these evil little things eat away at my happy go lucky attitude.  But last week I let it all fester and was just a sad ugly mess for a few days.

It is funny though I woke up yesterday with my old attitude back.  I was happy; I was looking forward to what the day brought, I was just glad to be alive.  I think these unhappy times are needed for however long or short they are so that I can really appreciate all the good and just enjoy my own happiness.  Does that make since?
It also looks like I am finally getting a Bob duallie (this will help so much with the hubs gone).  I was finally the first person to contact a seller on Craigs List.  I have been trying for a while.  And last week there were three ads I called on but the day I was back to my positive self I get it.  I tell you there is something to this being positive and positive things will happen thing. 

So it is the start of a new week and life is back to normal here, I am excited to get my day started.  Am I still bitter and resentful that my hubs is leaving, maybe a little if I am to be totally honest.  But it is something I have no control over so why stay so upset it was truly only hurting me. 
So remember if you are feeling down for whatever reason,  it is okay to be down for a while but if you stay that way it is only hurting you.  Find your inner happiness stay positive and good things will happen.

Oh and don't forget to sign up for the Virtual 5k to support JDRF.  It is a great cause and one that is close to my heart.  My good friend Tara is working so hard on this.  And if you registar you can stat winning prizes tomorrow.  So click the link above on the right and register today! (if you click the link you can also see all the awesome prizes there are that you can win).

Do you believe in the power of Positive Thinking?


Monday, March 26, 2012

Diva Dash 5k

I have to say this is the most fun I have had at a race in a long time.  Part of that is because I had a friend to run with and the other part is because my time was better than I thought I would have (which was directly related to having a friend to run with). 

I was super excited to wear my tiara again, I bought it for the Disney Princess half marathon but have not worn it since and this race gave me a reason to run with it again.  There is something about running with a tiara that just makes you feel special.  I also got to wear my awesome knee high running socks that Sara got me in my running mom sock exchange for Christmas.  I SO LOVE THESE SOCKS!!!  And I highly recommend everyone (well maybe not you guys that might just look silly) get a pair to run in, they make you feel so cute and they were comfy to run in.
This race also had a Little Diva Dash for kids, so you know I had to sign up my oldest daughter to do it.  And Kari (my friend I ran with) signed up her daughter too. 

Okay on to the race report.  After getting up and getting the kids ready (not fun waking up two kids early in the morning) we got to the race and found Kari (they were maybe a little smarter and her hubs was bringing the kids later).  We went and picked up our race packets, then hit the bathroom (well porta potties that is).   Then it was time for us to line up so I kissed my hubs and girls good bye and got ready for the race.
We positioned ourselves in about the middle of the pack and that is pretty much where we stayed the whole race.  This was Kari’s first race and my first one since my Tri back in 2010 (wow has it really been that long?)  We did what I promised I would NOT do and took off to fast.  Our first mile was at about a 10:30 pace way to fast so it did not take long after that before we had to walk a bit.  The second mile had us walking three times, and then I finally said let’s just slow down a little.  It is hard with all the excitement to go slower epically when we started off so fast. But even slowing down and walking three times mile two was at about an 11:30 mile.   

We walked two more times for mile three but they were pretty short walks (actually all our walks were pretty short).  The course was a little hillier than we both thought and after one big hill we turned the corner and found we had to go right up another hill, I just said CRAP lets walk a little.  I so hate hills, even though I run on them all the time now I still hate them (who knew Kansas was so darn hilly?).  After that second walk we were about done with mile three, as we got closer to where we knew the finish line had to be Kari started to pick up the pace.  If it was just me I would have been slowing down, but I had to keep up so dang it I did.  We rounded a corner saw the finish and I said now and we took off.  Then I saw the clock and realized that we could make it in under 36 min which was Kari’s goal, so I told her to look at the clock that we could make it and we both picked up the pace.
There is Kari crossing I am right behing the girl in the orange
We crossed the finish line at 35:58 but our official finish time was 35:18 (since we were in the middle of the pack and did not cross the start line right away).  This was way faster than I thought we would end up doing.  As a matter of fact when Kari told me her goal was 36 I told her not to be upset if we did not make it and here we are at the finish 42 seconds faster than that.  I have to say that I really think we pushed each other on this race.  I know I would have walked more and slowed day a lot more if she was not with me.  And she told me after the race that she would have walked more too if I was not there.  I sure hope she wants to do another race; it is so much more fun when you have someone to run with and push you!
After we were done and had some time to recover it was time for the Little Diva’s to run.  We got our daughters lined up at the start and off they went.  My daughter just bought a new toy and had to run with it (that is what she has in her hand) so she was a little distracted for the race.  But both girls ran the whole thing.  Kari’s daughter took off right from the start (I think she is going to be like her daddy, he is pretty fast).  My daughter ran the whole thing not quite as fast but that is okay she said she had fun and both girls think they won, which they did because it truly is all about fun! 
We all had a great time and I know my daughter and I both want to do this again, we just hope Kari and her daughter do too… Come on Kari get the running bug!!

 Do you have a friend to run with?


Friday, March 23, 2012

How to find your Motivation

I have posted a lot about trying to get motivated.  After I had my 2nd daughter I had a very tough time finding any motivation at all.  The past year was a tough one.  I joined weight watchers and lost 10 pounds then promptly put it back on.  I would start to work out and then find myself back on the couch watching TV and snacking.

Well I finally feel great and actually want to work out again.  How did this happen?  It started with my decision to go Vegan.  I know it is a major change and I for one never thought I would ever make it, but I needed a drastic change to get my booty in gear.  The change in diet really got me feeling good.  My body felt great, there is a bit of a learning curve to going Vegan but it can be done and really once you find a few great recipes it is not that hard at all.  I truly feel this is the healthiest way to eat.
The next step was to make and I mean force myself kicking and screaming to the gym 4 days a week for 2 weeks.  Well truth be told the second week I did not kick and scream but it was still hard to go.  Now in the third week I finally want to go, and have really started to push myself in my workouts and see my old self returning.

Here is my plan for finding your motivation!

Step 1 change your diet, you don’t have to go Vegan but cut out a lot of the processed foods.  Those are the foods that make you feel bad.  You love chips? Buy the baked chips or even better make your own.  Want a healthier alternative roast some Chickpeas in the oven at 350 for 45 min (season any way you want).  The key is to get rid of the processed crap that makes you feel bad.
Step 2 get moving, make yourself workout even if you don’t want to for 2 weeks.  I promise after the 2 weeks you will want to do it.  Join a gym, or if you don’t have the money go for a walk or run.  Get on a bike, go kayaking, hiking, roller blading, play tennis, basketball, anything.  The point is to get in some cardio or weight training; the exercise will help you feel good. 

I promise if you do these 2 things you will find your motivation again.  I did and for the first time in a VERY long time I am feeling like my old self again.  And the extra weight I have been carrying is just slipping off.
 On a side note, I am going to run the Diva Dash tomorrow with my friend Kari and both our daughters are running the Little Diva Dash.  I am super excited and can’t wait till tomorrow.  I have run a couple 5ks this week to see how I stand and actually ran the whole thing yesterday without walking.  I don’t plan to run tomorrow for time it is just a fun race with a friend, but I am glad that my running is getting back to where I want it.  I will be sure to post some pictures and let you all know how the race goes tomorrow, I can’t wait to put my tiara back on and go for a run!

 How do you find motivation when times get tough?


Friday, March 9, 2012

My Running Dog

I wanted to take the time to dedicate a post about my best running buddy ever, my dog Prada.  I got her so that I could have a dog to run with and we have had our ups and downs with running, but she is still my best friend and the best running buddy a girl could have.

Running her first race
You see back when we still lived in Florida I was followed by a van while out on an early morning run.  I was so scared after that we decided to get a dog that I could run with.  After researching breads I decided to get an Australian shepherd, so I looked up a rescue group and got my dog. 
My daughter loving her puppy
At first we were the best running partners, but then we moved to the Midwest and I had to go through my first real winter.  So my runs were all on the treadmill (yes I was a big chicken and would not run in the cold).  So during our first winter Prada did not get to run, as a result she got lazy and fat while I got stronger and faster.  So when spring came and I tried to run with my buddy, she just could not keep up.  Our running days were over.

Running with my Oldest Daughter
Many times I tried to take Prada for a run, I would think it is a short one just 3 miles or I won’t run faster than 11min mile.  Every time I would come home complaining because she could not keep up, hell she even sat down in the middle of a run once.   So that was it our running days were over, I was sad and I think she was a little sad too. 
As life went on, I got pregnant and had another baby.  Then hurt my leg again (stupid leg!!!). So my runs got slower and shorter.  Then I tried to take Prada for another run, and to my surprise she did great.  Not only did she do great but she LOVED it.  We were finally back to the same level (maybe not such a stupid leg?)

Prada outside running with me
So now when I put my shoes and hat on for a run I am not the only one who is getting excited.  And for the first time since I got her she lost weight at her yearly checkup.  So this running stuff is great for us both.   
Want to know something funny?  Of course you do.  Well yesterday when we were at the park for our run, she was pulling ahead I am actually holding her back now go figure!  I love my doggie she is not only a great running buddy, but she is a great family dog as well.  I don’t know what I would do without my Prada!
Prada and I Best Friends!

Do you have a running dog?  If so tell us about your running buddy!!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why Vegan?

I know I have mentioned here about deciding to go Vegan.  But I don’t think I ever shared why I made that choice.  To be honest I guess I am a little embarrassed about it.  Not because it is different but because my choice was vain. 

You see I did not choose to go Vegan because of the moral reasons as most people do.  I agree that the treatment of the animals we eat is deplorable.  But like many other Americans I have been very good at ignoring it and have taken on the don’t tell me I don’t want to know attitude so that I can go on eating my meat and dairy guilt free. 

So then WHY have I made the choice to eat a Vegan diet?  This is where I get embarrassed.  I did it to lose weight.  I know so not the right reason, but it is my reason.  I needed to do something drastic to get me motivated and to be honest all of the Vegan’s I know are in amazing shape, one in particular that I admire so much did an Iron Man.  She did all this while eating Vegan, and I can’t help but want to be in that kind of shape.  So Vegan I went.
I have to say that I have been so surprised at a side effect of this Vegan diet, you see I feel great.  I mean really great!  You know that sluggish feeling you have all day.  Where you are tired and feel heavy.  You know the feeling, I remember that feeling.  Well I don’t get that feeling at all anymore, as a matter of fact my energy level has increased, last night I was actually dancing around the room with my girls till I was sweating and out of breath.  Usually by the time they come home I am ready for bed I am so tired and run down.  Not anymore I am filled with energy and the thought of sitting down and doing nothing is just not appealing to me.

The only thing I can think of for this change is that I am getting a much healthier diet.  I eat a TON more fruits and veggies.  And pretty much don’t eat anything processed.  Yes there is a lot of preparation and cooking involved but it is totally worth it. 
Do I recommend going Vegan?  Yes I do, I truly feel great inside and out.  I think this is the healthiest “diet” I have ever been on.  Will I go back?  Not sure yet, the family is starting to eat a lot of the foods I am making and my kids are eating more veggies.  But you never know if one day I will choose to have meat and dairy again only time will tell.

What do I mean when I say the healthiest “diet” I have ever been on?  Well I like many of you out there have done some crazy diets to lose weight.  No fat, No carb, super low calorie, you name it I tried it.  Even with Weight Watchers which I was very successful losing weight before having my girls I lost 40lbs.   But with all those diets I ate like crap, epically with weight watchers I ate tons of desserts.  This is the first time I have truly eaten healthy to lose weight.  I am giving my body what it needs and when I really need something sweet to eat I can make one of CCK’s desserts


Friday, March 2, 2012

Weight Loss Challange

So this new gym I signed up for has a weight loss challange that started yesterdy. You know I could not resisit signing up, in the hopes that my competive side kicks in and I can finally get rid of this extra weight I have been carring around.

Since the challange started yesterday I had to get weighed in. URGH I was higher than I thought, but then this past week I was not very good.  I guess this is even more motivation to kick it up a knotch and lose some weight. 

I also decided yesterday (with the help of some awesome running moms) that I am going to make myself hit the gym at 9am every day.  I get up and start work at 5am so I know I have the time to squeeze in a workout at 9am.  I also okayed it with my boss and as long as I get my work done it is all good.  So no more guilt that I am away from work at that time.

As far as diet goes, I have been pretty sucessful in getting this Vegan diet on track.  I have to say there is a pretty big learning curve when you switch to Vegan.  It is not like a Vegitarian diet where you just cut out meat, loosing any product that has anything that comes from an animal really limits what you can buy.  But I have gotten better at figuring it all out, and my family has even really liked some of the recipies I have made. 

I hope you all are doing great in your workouts and that your motivation is going strong!

Are any of you intrested in me posting recipies? If you are just let me know and I will post some of the best ones I have tried.


Friday, February 17, 2012

It's Weight Training Time

Last week when my husband started coming home everyday talking about how much fun he is having working out at the gym with some guys from work, I got jealous I mean very jealous.  I know it is not fair or right of me to be jealous of the fact that he is enjoying his workouts and is having fun, but I could not help it.  My workouts have sucked, come on we all know the first 3 miles of a run suck and I am only at 2.5 miles now so all my runs suck.  I want to enjoy a workout I want to have fun working out.  It was not fair that he was having fun and I have to go out for a stupid crappy run and try to put on a big smile and say “at least I am running”.  Bull, I am not getting my runners high, I am not getting enough cardio, I am not putting in enough time working out period.

I did not say anything to him, I don’t want him to feel bad and really this is my issue not his. But it really got me thinking about working out and running and just me in general.  I remembered before I had kids, before I found running I use to be a big gym rat and really loved lifting weights.  Now I am not saying I was a body builder or even close to it, but I was in great shape and I LOVED going to the gym every day.  I miss it, or it could just be I miss feeling good and am looking for a way to get that feeling again.  But either way I decided to join the gym.  

We have a small gym that opened up about 3 miles from my house and it is right on the way to my kid’s sitter and school.  So I went in and signed up.  My first workout had to be at 4am and even though I was tired it was great.  There was no one there using weights so I had them all to myself and I LOVED IT!  I felt great after my workout even though I was tired.  I have gone a couple more times this week after I have dropped the kids off in the morning and it is still not packed at that time and I can get the machines I want.  

Okay so I can’t go get in a good hour run, and my runs kind of suck right now.  But maybe just maybe the gym will help me get back to feeling like me again.  I think this is going to be a great way to get a good workout in that won’t hurt my leg at all.  I will keep trucking along with my runs but I will be hitting the gym several times a week now too. 

I am curious do you go to a gym or do you get all your workouts in without one?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Honor and Celebrations

Saturday was the Virtual Run to honor Sherry.  We got our first real cold spell and the temps dropped to 9 degrees for the run.  It was my coldest run ever but it was for Sherry and so an easy run just would not do. 

My mom was in town for my daughters first birthday so I ended up taking my dog and her dog with me for the run.  I was so surprised that I actually had people honking and flashing there lights at me on the highway while I was running (that never happens out where I live).  It meant a lot to me that others out there knew and were trying to support who and why I was running.  I don't think I have ever cried on a run before but Saturday I cried, I cried for the loss of a life, I cried for the knowledge that this horrible act could have happened to any one of us, and I cried for Sherry's family (I can not imagine the pain they are going through). 

Since I first heard about Sherry's disappearance I have felt a connection to her, and Saturdays run really let me get it out and feel that connection.  I never knew Sherry, but she was me in many ways.  I hope she has found peace and that her family will find peace soon.  I know that I will never forget her even though I never knew her in our lives.  Rest in Peace Sherry you will be remembered.

Saturday was also the celebration of life in our house.  It was my youngest daughters first birthday party.  It just shows how life always goes on.  We did not have any thing major planned and as it turned out our friends that were going to come over to celebrate could not make it as the whole family was fighting the flu.  So we just did a small celebration with the family and it was actually very nice.

I am still trying to go more Vegan and have been really liking the foods and have been feeling so much better since cutting a lot of the junk food from my diet.  So even though I made a cake for the baby and everyone else I did end up making a Vegan dessert for me that was so yummy I did not miss the cake at all.  My daughter loved her first cake and got petty messy as you can see from the picture.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Were you able to get out and run for Sherry?  Or did you dedicate a workout in her honor over the weekend?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My daily battle

I remember a time when I wanted to work out, I mean I got up in the morning and I wanted to go to the gym and work till my muscles were sore and push to see just how much more I could do today than the day before.

Today I need to work out, but I don’t want to.  Every day is a struggle to get myself up and moving.  I have a constant battle in my head one side says “you need this just do it you will feel better if you do”, the other side replies “FU”.  And this goes on for hours till I finally go for a run or I just get me a cookie and call it good.
How do I get back to the time when I actually wanted to work out?  I know it makes me feel good, and I know I always feel better when I do it. So why is it so hard to just do it?  If I knew that in 2weeks I would want to do it, or that it would be less of a fight with myself it might be easier to push to get there, but let’s face it this struggle with me has been going on more than 2 weeks and it is not getting any easier.

I hate fighting epically with myself; I mean I can’t just ignore myself like I can other people.  How do you just not answer the phone when the phone is in your head right!  So how do I stop this constant bickering with myself, how do I get my lazy I don’t want to do it side to get out there running without the constant fight? 
How do you do it?  Do you have to fight with your lazy side too, or are you in the workout paradise I remember where your whole self wants to do? 


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!

It is my Birthday today!  I am a whopping 36 years old today. Each year I always want to do some awesome mileage on my birthday, my friend Anna did 30 mile on her 30th wich I thought was totally awesome.  But every year I seem to be injured or pregnant for my birthday.  This year I am just coming off an injury and am just not running much yet.  So when it came time for my run I almost did not go then I thought how can I not run on my birthday so I dragged buy booty up stairs and got changed and went out.  I had a great run even if it was short and I feel so much better after doing it. Why it is so hard some days to get the motivation I will never know.

When I got home, I got cleaned up and started making dinner when the door bell rang and what was it but flowers from my hubby.  He is out of town for work and could not be here so he sent flowers to let me know he loves me and is super sorry he was not here today. 

He will be home in a couple days and we will celebrate then, but it sure is nice to get some flowers and know that he cares.  Tonight I will just hang with my girls and hopefully get to bed early (I know such the party animal right). 

What do you all do on your birthday's?  Since having the kids I am usually happy with dinner out and a nice quiet evening with the family. Before the kids, well lets just say my birthdays were a LOT more exciting.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Color Run

I have found my next race, The Color Run.  With my leg being so messed up I have not done a race since my TRI back in 2010, WOW has it really been that long?  After having my daughter last year, I did start to train for the Kansas City Half but my leg got hurt again on my 10mile run so I ended up back at ground 0 again.  And that is where I am at now. 

This time around I decided that I would NOT sign up for a race and I would not train for a race.  So that I can build up slow and get a good base so that I don't hurt my leg again.  This race however just looks like way to much fun, and it is only a 5k and 4 months away so I am pretty sure I can swing this without getting hurt.

I am also really thinking about doing this race with my oldest daughter.  She will just be a couple weeks shy of 5 for this race.  I think she would have a blast getting sprayed with paint, but not sure she will have a blast doing a 5k.  She loves to run, but only short distances.  We go out for walks all the time and she always wants to race, but only for a short time. 

I asked her if she wanted to do this race and she said yes so if I do decide to sign her up, I think we will have to go on some 3 mile walks and see how she does.  During this race you get sprayed by pant every 1k so we will break it down by 1k then 1k and so on.  That should make it more fun for her and keep her motivated I think.  We will also walk most of this, unless she chooses to run.

Do you think 5 is an okay age to do a 5k?  Am I pushing her too much to even try to do this race with her?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold

The tragic ending to Sherry Arnolds disappearance has touched us all in some way.  I never knew Sherry, but I have thought about her every day since first hearing her story.  I feel for her and what she went through, I feel for her family and what they are still going through.  I wonder why things like this happen, and how someone can think they have a right to hurt another person.  Somethings we will never know, but what we do know is that Sherry was a good person, a great mother, and a fantastic teacher.  Even though many of us never knew Sherry we will never forget her, I know I wont.

Beth at SUAR is hosting a Virtual Run for Sherry on February 11, 2012 at 9am MST.  Races 2 Remember has also donated there time in creating a race bib special for this event.  I encourage you all to get out there and run or walk any distance for Sherry.  Lets remember what a great person she was, and let her know that she will never be forgotten.   To get all the information on this run and to print out the bib check out SUAR's blog

I will be out there running for Sherry, I hope you will be too. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

I don’t know about you all but this year I am pretty lucky!  We have not really had a winter yet here in Kansas.  Usually by this time in January I am suffering the effects of SAD so bad it is hard to get motivated to do anything, much less run.

But this year, I have got to enjoy many sunny afternoon runs in the 40’s and 50’s.  I know you southern folks are thinking THAT IS COLD, I use to think that way when we first moved here from Florida but now I love running in these temps.  Don’t get me wrong anything under 40 and I am cold, but between 40 and 60 those are the best runs.
The best thing about this mild winter is that I can get outside for my runs or a walk with my girls, so we are still getting our vitamin D from the sun.  I think just the fact that we can get out at all is a huge help with SAD.  This is the first year since we moved here that I have not suffered from this disorder and I tell you I am feeling good.  I do worry about next year though and how will I keep this happy feeling through a bad winter.    

Do you suffer from SAD?  How do you cope during the winter to help with SAD?