Friday, March 9, 2012

My Running Dog

I wanted to take the time to dedicate a post about my best running buddy ever, my dog Prada.  I got her so that I could have a dog to run with and we have had our ups and downs with running, but she is still my best friend and the best running buddy a girl could have.

Running her first race
You see back when we still lived in Florida I was followed by a van while out on an early morning run.  I was so scared after that we decided to get a dog that I could run with.  After researching breads I decided to get an Australian shepherd, so I looked up a rescue group and got my dog. 
My daughter loving her puppy
At first we were the best running partners, but then we moved to the Midwest and I had to go through my first real winter.  So my runs were all on the treadmill (yes I was a big chicken and would not run in the cold).  So during our first winter Prada did not get to run, as a result she got lazy and fat while I got stronger and faster.  So when spring came and I tried to run with my buddy, she just could not keep up.  Our running days were over.

Running with my Oldest Daughter
Many times I tried to take Prada for a run, I would think it is a short one just 3 miles or I won’t run faster than 11min mile.  Every time I would come home complaining because she could not keep up, hell she even sat down in the middle of a run once.   So that was it our running days were over, I was sad and I think she was a little sad too. 
As life went on, I got pregnant and had another baby.  Then hurt my leg again (stupid leg!!!). So my runs got slower and shorter.  Then I tried to take Prada for another run, and to my surprise she did great.  Not only did she do great but she LOVED it.  We were finally back to the same level (maybe not such a stupid leg?)

Prada outside running with me
So now when I put my shoes and hat on for a run I am not the only one who is getting excited.  And for the first time since I got her she lost weight at her yearly checkup.  So this running stuff is great for us both.   
Want to know something funny?  Of course you do.  Well yesterday when we were at the park for our run, she was pulling ahead I am actually holding her back now go figure!  I love my doggie she is not only a great running buddy, but she is a great family dog as well.  I don’t know what I would do without my Prada!
Prada and I Best Friends!

Do you have a running dog?  If so tell us about your running buddy!!


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Janice said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful dog! Like you, I have a rescue dog. I love it when people rescue dogs. My dog doesn't run with me, but sometimes I bike and she runs. She's way too fast for me running.