Monday, April 2, 2012

April Goals

I have found that I do much better when I have a goal or challange.  So this month I am going to do both. 

The group of running moms that I belong too better known as the Running Mom Mafia are doing an ab challange for the month of April.  The challange is to do three different types of ab workouts a day 30 reps of each so it is a 30/30/30 challage.  I got my reps in last night and plan to keep it going for the rest of this month. 

A lot of the moms are taking before pictures but I actually took a before picture a couple weeks ago so that I can see my weight loss as I progress. I am not going to post because I just am not happy with the way I look right now.  I knwo it should not matter but it does and I don't want that picture across the web of me, well maybe if I photoshop it but then it would not be a very good before picture.  I do promise to post it at a later date with my after picture.

That there is my challage for April now for my goal.  My April goal is to run 30 miles.  I know not a lot but truth be told I have not even been coming close to that and I don't want to start off with a big jump in millage (still scared of my leg). 

It is funny because when I break down the mileage by week it come to 7.5 miles a week and I am actually a little intimadated by that.  It has been a while since I ran this much so it really is a good goal that I know if I really try I can acheive, but I have to get out there and do it.  Feel free to push me, I may need it!

So there you have it now it is all on paper and the pressure is on.  I WILL DO THIS!

Do you set goals for your self each month?


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