Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why Vegan?

I know I have mentioned here about deciding to go Vegan.  But I don’t think I ever shared why I made that choice.  To be honest I guess I am a little embarrassed about it.  Not because it is different but because my choice was vain. 

You see I did not choose to go Vegan because of the moral reasons as most people do.  I agree that the treatment of the animals we eat is deplorable.  But like many other Americans I have been very good at ignoring it and have taken on the don’t tell me I don’t want to know attitude so that I can go on eating my meat and dairy guilt free. 

So then WHY have I made the choice to eat a Vegan diet?  This is where I get embarrassed.  I did it to lose weight.  I know so not the right reason, but it is my reason.  I needed to do something drastic to get me motivated and to be honest all of the Vegan’s I know are in amazing shape, one in particular that I admire so much did an Iron Man.  She did all this while eating Vegan, and I can’t help but want to be in that kind of shape.  So Vegan I went.
I have to say that I have been so surprised at a side effect of this Vegan diet, you see I feel great.  I mean really great!  You know that sluggish feeling you have all day.  Where you are tired and feel heavy.  You know the feeling, I remember that feeling.  Well I don’t get that feeling at all anymore, as a matter of fact my energy level has increased, last night I was actually dancing around the room with my girls till I was sweating and out of breath.  Usually by the time they come home I am ready for bed I am so tired and run down.  Not anymore I am filled with energy and the thought of sitting down and doing nothing is just not appealing to me.

The only thing I can think of for this change is that I am getting a much healthier diet.  I eat a TON more fruits and veggies.  And pretty much don’t eat anything processed.  Yes there is a lot of preparation and cooking involved but it is totally worth it. 
Do I recommend going Vegan?  Yes I do, I truly feel great inside and out.  I think this is the healthiest “diet” I have ever been on.  Will I go back?  Not sure yet, the family is starting to eat a lot of the foods I am making and my kids are eating more veggies.  But you never know if one day I will choose to have meat and dairy again only time will tell.

What do I mean when I say the healthiest “diet” I have ever been on?  Well I like many of you out there have done some crazy diets to lose weight.  No fat, No carb, super low calorie, you name it I tried it.  Even with Weight Watchers which I was very successful losing weight before having my girls I lost 40lbs.   But with all those diets I ate like crap, epically with weight watchers I ate tons of desserts.  This is the first time I have truly eaten healthy to lose weight.  I am giving my body what it needs and when I really need something sweet to eat I can make one of CCK’s desserts


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