Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introducing my new friend BOB

I have been waiting to meet Bob for a very long time.  When I had my first daughter I looked for Bob but he was just out of reach.  When I had my second daughter, there was no way I could even think about it. 

So how did we finally meet after so many years?  I found him on Craigs List, and for an AWESOME price.  I know what you all are thinking “I check Craigs list all the time and don’t see Bob”.  Well keep looking, because that is what I thought too.  In my town I found that most people who want to sell their Bob’s list them late at night so you need to be ready to JUMP first thing in the morning.  As soon as you wake up check the listings.  Then send an email if they leave a number call (well maybe wait till 8am for that).

You see Bob is very popular and so many people want to be his friend so if you don’t act fast and keep on trying even when you think you will never meet then you will never meet him.  I had my doubts about our meeting, but I am so glad I kept on trying because as of yesterday Bob is my friend. 
You can imagine my excitement and desire to put my girls in this new stroller and try it out, but alas my oldest had Gymnastics last night (annoying right!).  So I had to wait till she was done with that then I loaded up the girls and just ran around in front of the house.  This thing handles like a dream.  So smooth even on the rocky road (did I mention I live in BFE).  The girls liked it, and said it was a smooth ride for them (okay only the oldest talks and she said that, but I am sure the little one would have said it too if she could talk).   And yes I totally made my hubs stand in the front of the house and snap pictures of me running around in circles.  Hey this is a family affair ;)

So my first impression of Mr. Bob.  He is a total dream.  I could not have asked for or gotten a better stroller. This thing just glides much easier to push than the single jogger I have.  Next week I plan to take this baby out for a longer ride, or maybe I won’t wait that long.  And I promise to keep you all updated on my new buddy, but don’t ask to borrow him he is MINE (wow I am just a little possessive huh).

Are you friends with Bob? 


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