Friday, February 17, 2012

It's Weight Training Time

Last week when my husband started coming home everyday talking about how much fun he is having working out at the gym with some guys from work, I got jealous I mean very jealous.  I know it is not fair or right of me to be jealous of the fact that he is enjoying his workouts and is having fun, but I could not help it.  My workouts have sucked, come on we all know the first 3 miles of a run suck and I am only at 2.5 miles now so all my runs suck.  I want to enjoy a workout I want to have fun working out.  It was not fair that he was having fun and I have to go out for a stupid crappy run and try to put on a big smile and say “at least I am running”.  Bull, I am not getting my runners high, I am not getting enough cardio, I am not putting in enough time working out period.

I did not say anything to him, I don’t want him to feel bad and really this is my issue not his. But it really got me thinking about working out and running and just me in general.  I remembered before I had kids, before I found running I use to be a big gym rat and really loved lifting weights.  Now I am not saying I was a body builder or even close to it, but I was in great shape and I LOVED going to the gym every day.  I miss it, or it could just be I miss feeling good and am looking for a way to get that feeling again.  But either way I decided to join the gym.  

We have a small gym that opened up about 3 miles from my house and it is right on the way to my kid’s sitter and school.  So I went in and signed up.  My first workout had to be at 4am and even though I was tired it was great.  There was no one there using weights so I had them all to myself and I LOVED IT!  I felt great after my workout even though I was tired.  I have gone a couple more times this week after I have dropped the kids off in the morning and it is still not packed at that time and I can get the machines I want.  

Okay so I can’t go get in a good hour run, and my runs kind of suck right now.  But maybe just maybe the gym will help me get back to feeling like me again.  I think this is going to be a great way to get a good workout in that won’t hurt my leg at all.  I will keep trucking along with my runs but I will be hitting the gym several times a week now too. 

I am curious do you go to a gym or do you get all your workouts in without one?

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