Monday, February 13, 2012

Honor and Celebrations

Saturday was the Virtual Run to honor Sherry.  We got our first real cold spell and the temps dropped to 9 degrees for the run.  It was my coldest run ever but it was for Sherry and so an easy run just would not do. 

My mom was in town for my daughters first birthday so I ended up taking my dog and her dog with me for the run.  I was so surprised that I actually had people honking and flashing there lights at me on the highway while I was running (that never happens out where I live).  It meant a lot to me that others out there knew and were trying to support who and why I was running.  I don't think I have ever cried on a run before but Saturday I cried, I cried for the loss of a life, I cried for the knowledge that this horrible act could have happened to any one of us, and I cried for Sherry's family (I can not imagine the pain they are going through). 

Since I first heard about Sherry's disappearance I have felt a connection to her, and Saturdays run really let me get it out and feel that connection.  I never knew Sherry, but she was me in many ways.  I hope she has found peace and that her family will find peace soon.  I know that I will never forget her even though I never knew her in our lives.  Rest in Peace Sherry you will be remembered.

Saturday was also the celebration of life in our house.  It was my youngest daughters first birthday party.  It just shows how life always goes on.  We did not have any thing major planned and as it turned out our friends that were going to come over to celebrate could not make it as the whole family was fighting the flu.  So we just did a small celebration with the family and it was actually very nice.

I am still trying to go more Vegan and have been really liking the foods and have been feeling so much better since cutting a lot of the junk food from my diet.  So even though I made a cake for the baby and everyone else I did end up making a Vegan dessert for me that was so yummy I did not miss the cake at all.  My daughter loved her first cake and got petty messy as you can see from the picture.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Were you able to get out and run for Sherry?  Or did you dedicate a workout in her honor over the weekend?

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