Thursday, May 28, 2015

Getting Back to Me!

Garmin 1/2 Marathon 2015
Wow, the last year has been a tough one.  My husband and I got divorced last year and had to continue to live together till we sold our house which took WAY too long (almost a year) and things started to get a little ugly.  But the house is sold, I have bought a new house for the girls and I, and things are finally starting to get back to a normal feel. 

Last month I did my first half marathon since the Disney Princess half back in 2010. Because of all the shin issues I had after that it took many years to get up the courage to run that distance again, but I am happy to report that I did it injury free!  I am even thinking about running another one later this year. 

Right now I am really focused in loosing all the emotional weight I have gained over the last year and getting back to my old self again.  It is hard finding my new happy, but it is coming slowly and the future is looking very bright right now. 

I decided I wanted to get back to my blogging. My life has taking an incredible turn, but I am looking forward to everything my new life has to offer and can't wait to see where this journey takes my girls and I.