Monday, March 26, 2012

Diva Dash 5k

I have to say this is the most fun I have had at a race in a long time.  Part of that is because I had a friend to run with and the other part is because my time was better than I thought I would have (which was directly related to having a friend to run with). 

I was super excited to wear my tiara again, I bought it for the Disney Princess half marathon but have not worn it since and this race gave me a reason to run with it again.  There is something about running with a tiara that just makes you feel special.  I also got to wear my awesome knee high running socks that Sara got me in my running mom sock exchange for Christmas.  I SO LOVE THESE SOCKS!!!  And I highly recommend everyone (well maybe not you guys that might just look silly) get a pair to run in, they make you feel so cute and they were comfy to run in.
This race also had a Little Diva Dash for kids, so you know I had to sign up my oldest daughter to do it.  And Kari (my friend I ran with) signed up her daughter too. 

Okay on to the race report.  After getting up and getting the kids ready (not fun waking up two kids early in the morning) we got to the race and found Kari (they were maybe a little smarter and her hubs was bringing the kids later).  We went and picked up our race packets, then hit the bathroom (well porta potties that is).   Then it was time for us to line up so I kissed my hubs and girls good bye and got ready for the race.
We positioned ourselves in about the middle of the pack and that is pretty much where we stayed the whole race.  This was Kari’s first race and my first one since my Tri back in 2010 (wow has it really been that long?)  We did what I promised I would NOT do and took off to fast.  Our first mile was at about a 10:30 pace way to fast so it did not take long after that before we had to walk a bit.  The second mile had us walking three times, and then I finally said let’s just slow down a little.  It is hard with all the excitement to go slower epically when we started off so fast. But even slowing down and walking three times mile two was at about an 11:30 mile.   

We walked two more times for mile three but they were pretty short walks (actually all our walks were pretty short).  The course was a little hillier than we both thought and after one big hill we turned the corner and found we had to go right up another hill, I just said CRAP lets walk a little.  I so hate hills, even though I run on them all the time now I still hate them (who knew Kansas was so darn hilly?).  After that second walk we were about done with mile three, as we got closer to where we knew the finish line had to be Kari started to pick up the pace.  If it was just me I would have been slowing down, but I had to keep up so dang it I did.  We rounded a corner saw the finish and I said now and we took off.  Then I saw the clock and realized that we could make it in under 36 min which was Kari’s goal, so I told her to look at the clock that we could make it and we both picked up the pace.
There is Kari crossing I am right behing the girl in the orange
We crossed the finish line at 35:58 but our official finish time was 35:18 (since we were in the middle of the pack and did not cross the start line right away).  This was way faster than I thought we would end up doing.  As a matter of fact when Kari told me her goal was 36 I told her not to be upset if we did not make it and here we are at the finish 42 seconds faster than that.  I have to say that I really think we pushed each other on this race.  I know I would have walked more and slowed day a lot more if she was not with me.  And she told me after the race that she would have walked more too if I was not there.  I sure hope she wants to do another race; it is so much more fun when you have someone to run with and push you!
After we were done and had some time to recover it was time for the Little Diva’s to run.  We got our daughters lined up at the start and off they went.  My daughter just bought a new toy and had to run with it (that is what she has in her hand) so she was a little distracted for the race.  But both girls ran the whole thing.  Kari’s daughter took off right from the start (I think she is going to be like her daddy, he is pretty fast).  My daughter ran the whole thing not quite as fast but that is okay she said she had fun and both girls think they won, which they did because it truly is all about fun! 
We all had a great time and I know my daughter and I both want to do this again, we just hope Kari and her daughter do too… Come on Kari get the running bug!!

 Do you have a friend to run with?



Nursing Stroller-Pushing Marathoner said...

Congrats Tracey, so glad you have someone to run w/ in hilly Kansas. Love the pink socks and such a cute picture of Amanda running! Can't wait to run with you in July! :)

tara said...

Awesome job and you looked so frickin cute doing it. Wahooo. Love the outfit and the smile.