Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our first run with BOB

Well I ended up having to take Friday off of work since there was no school and my sitter had the day off.  And since I had the girls you know I had to go try out the new BOB right. 

I was a little sad when I woke up and it was 40 degrees out, I was not sure if I should take the girls out when it was that chilly.  But I asked some of my Running Mom friends and they just told me to bundle them up and they would be fine so that is what I did.
Since I had no plans for the day I drove out to my favorite trail (Mill Creek).  It is such a nice trail to run on and I always see other runners, walkers, or bikers which is nice too.  The kids really seemed to enjoy the run; it was Little Bit’s first run ever (how have I never taken her on a run in the past year?).  But Munchkin is an old pro at this. Even our doggie Prada was excited to go running and try out the new stroller, she was not bothered by it at all and ran right next to it the whole run.

Within the first mile of out run we saw 2 deer, Munchkin was so excited she wanted to go pet them and be there friend and did not understand why they ran away.  She just loves all animals and thinks they are all her friend (she is so my daughter). 
I have to admit that after about a mile I was getting pretty winded.  It is a LOT harder to push two kids than it is to run alone.  So I had to take a couple walk brakes but it was still a great workout and we all had fun so that is really what matters. 

We found an off road section of the trail and had to try it out to see how BOB did off roading.  Still a smooth nice ride for the girls and still easy for me to push, man I love this stroller! 
After I got my run in we had to stop at the playground for the girls to play a bit.  They were so good on the run they deserved some play time. 

April Goal Updates
My running goal is right on track, I ran about 9 miles last week which is more than I needed for my goal.   My Ab challenge however is not doing so well.  Forgot all about it over the weekend and have not done my daily ab 30/30/30 in a few days.  But plan to restart that up today.  The good news is I weighed myself and I lost another 2.5 pounds last week so we are right on track.

Virtual 5k

Have you signed up for the Race to Cure Diabetes?  All proceeds of this Virtual 5k benefit JDRF, which is a great cause.  If you have not signed up go here and sign up today.  The race is later this month and you can run anywhere (that is why it is a virtual 5k).  And just by registering you are entered to win so many awesome prizes it is just crazy how many awesome things have been donated.  So sign up today.



tara said...

Yay to running with the new BOB. Way to not let the weather deture the run. Thanks for posting about the 5K.

Anna P said...

I think running with a BOB would be a great workout! The kiddos looked snuggly!