Friday, March 2, 2012

Weight Loss Challange

So this new gym I signed up for has a weight loss challange that started yesterdy. You know I could not resisit signing up, in the hopes that my competive side kicks in and I can finally get rid of this extra weight I have been carring around.

Since the challange started yesterday I had to get weighed in. URGH I was higher than I thought, but then this past week I was not very good.  I guess this is even more motivation to kick it up a knotch and lose some weight. 

I also decided yesterday (with the help of some awesome running moms) that I am going to make myself hit the gym at 9am every day.  I get up and start work at 5am so I know I have the time to squeeze in a workout at 9am.  I also okayed it with my boss and as long as I get my work done it is all good.  So no more guilt that I am away from work at that time.

As far as diet goes, I have been pretty sucessful in getting this Vegan diet on track.  I have to say there is a pretty big learning curve when you switch to Vegan.  It is not like a Vegitarian diet where you just cut out meat, loosing any product that has anything that comes from an animal really limits what you can buy.  But I have gotten better at figuring it all out, and my family has even really liked some of the recipies I have made. 

I hope you all are doing great in your workouts and that your motivation is going strong!

Are any of you intrested in me posting recipies? If you are just let me know and I will post some of the best ones I have tried.



Anonymous said...

You are a strong and wonderful women who has inspired me to also start running and loose weight!!! In total I have lost 40 pounds, and I will continue to loose more! You are a inspiration to myself, and others around you.............DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey Kite said...

I did not even know you started to run or that you even payed attention to my posts. Thank you so much for your kind words Holly, this means more to me than you know. And has really inspired me to do this, thank you sooo much!!!

kaney said...

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