Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fat Fit vs Skinny Fat

I am sure you have all heard the term Skinny Fat, if not it is used to describe people who are skinny but are not really in shape.  Well I was thinking today that there should be a term for those of us who are fat but are still in good shape, maybe Fat Fit?  Can you be fat and still fit?  I think so; I probably need to lose about 30+ pounds so I would be considered fat my most standards.  But at the same time I can run 8 miles, I can swim over a ¼ mile; I can bike over 15 miles, and do many other active fit things.  So even though I am fat I consider myself to be pretty fit.  

I wonder though why our society is totally fine with people who are Skinny Fat but not okay with those of us who are Fit & Fat.  I mean really I may have some extra pounds on me but I am in much better shape than some skinny people I know, and I set the heart monitors off at the doctors because my resting heart rate is so low (that is because I AM a runner).  So why is it that people choose to judge me because I have had a hard time losing all this weight after having two kids?  Why don’t they judge the girl who sits around eating crap and watching TV all day but just happens to have an awesome metabolism?  How is that girl better than me?   How is that girl Healthier than me?
Do I want to lose the extra weight I have?  Yes, but to be honest I have been trying and am really not sure at all what I am doing wrong at this point.  I even change to a totally Vegan diet and did not lose a pound.  So I have been trying to come to terms with the fact that I am now fat and maybe fat for a while (until I can figure out why I am not losing any weight).   

So as a society maybe before we decide to judge the chubby girl for letting her self-go or for being a couch potato maybe you should find out if she is just someone who is Fat & Fit and could maybe be in even better shape than you!