Thursday, January 19, 2012

Running Safety Gear

In light of the tragedy of what happened to Sherry Arnold, I think it is important to try and be as safe as possible when we are out running.  Let’s not let her death be in vain and learn what we can from what happened to her.

I recently polled some of my fellow running moms asking them what they felt were ways to stay safe while running.  Many said the best thing is to just run on the treadmill, but I know that most of us won’t do that. Part of what we love about running is getting out and enjoying the scenery and sunshine on our run.  However we can do some basic things to stay as safe as we can.  Nothing will keep us 100% safe but I for one am willing to do whatever I can to give me the best chance possible to make it home after every run.

The easiest and cheapest thing you can do to stay safe while out running or biking is to not listen to your music.  I know it is easier to zone out and just cruse to a great song.  But that is when you are not really paying attention to your surroundings.  And as much as you think just putting one earpiece in is enough it truly is not, I know for me even with one earpiece in I can still zone out and just listen to my music and not be paying enough attention to what is going on around me. 

Carrying pepper spray is another great thing to keep you safer, or at least give you a chance to get away. Many of you already do this; I did when I first started running alone but have strayed away from taking it with me.  It is a pain to carry and nothing ever happened so I just got complacent and stopped bringing it.  Well I have been doing some research looking for a new bottle to carry and I found they actually have runner friendly bottles with a strap to make it easier to carry during your run so no more excuses; I am bringing some Pepper Spray with me on every run from now on.

A collapsible baton is another idea for a great self-defense item on a run.  It collapses to a small size so it is easier to carry and may just give you a fighting chance.  I personally am on the fence about getting one. I think it would be great to have but then I have to give up the pepper spray, because I think I can only carry one with me on my runs.  If you are not a fan of pepper spray then a Collapsible Baton  may be the thing for you.

Another great idea was to get a dog to run with.  Since I have a dog, I am for sure taking her with me running from now on.  She may not be the scarriest dog out there, but if some one is looking for trouble they are less likley to go after the person with a dog than without one.

Do yo have any idea's on how to stay safe?  Please share them with us so we all can stay as safe as possible.

Happy Running everyone and rember stay safe and aware of what is going on around you.

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