Monday, March 15, 2010

The Disney Princess Half Marathon 2010

This race started for me in April 2009 when the decision was made in my Running Mom’s group to do a race together and we all voted for this on (I mean what better race for a bunch of running moms right). Not all of us were able to make it due to different reasons, other races, family, finances, the kiddos, etc. But the ones of us that did make it tried to have a great time for all the running moms, and the ones who could not be there were sorely missed.

Friday night we had our official Running Moms meet up. We all met in one of the hotels and then headed out to the bar for a drink (well all except for Bethany, she is prego so no boose for her). We all quickly learned that most of us get pretty drunk off of one drink except for Jill that is, she really knows her beer. I had such a great time with the girls that I did not even think about how cold it was and we were all sitting outside. These women whom I have considered my friends for over two years now and have never actually met in person are the sweetest, kindest, most running addicted women that I just love to death. I can not even describe how totally excited I was about going to this race and meeting these ladies. My only regret is that I never did get to see Bethany or Heather again after Friday night, next time we will have to plan better.

Here is a shot of some of the group on Firday, now on to the race, I can talk about how awesome my running mom’s are all day so I will just cut my self off now.

After a very long Saturday (see details here), I woke up at 2:45 with only about 4 hours of sleep and sore feet. I quickly got ready, and headed over to meet Anna and Jill so we could all go to the race together. When I got to the lobby of the hotel I was excited to see Michelle another running mom had decided to join us for the race. We all got on the bus and went to the start. It was so cold that as soon as we got to the race area we headed over to get some coffee then waited inside a tent to keep a little warm before going to our corral (which was the last one so we had a LOT of time)

We were in corral E was the last one and that ment we started the race 30min after the first group started. It was a little sad watching the fireworks go off and hearing the cheers to just stand around in the cold an wait our turn. But once it was our turn the excitement was over the top. We could not wait to get moving and see what Disney had instore for us. We quickly relised that Michelle was much faster than the rest of us so we asked if she would mind staying with us till mile one to get a group shot, she did and here we are. Then Michelle took off, she is one speedy lady. The rest of us just ran slowly along taking picutes and chatting. It was soon after the first mile that we saw Captin Jack, there was no discussing it we just all ran over to get a picture. This is about how the rest of the race went, the three of us were just out to enjoy this 13 miles so nothing mattered but having a good time. I am a slow runner and I was so surprised that the three of us really did run well together. We all run at the same pace and it was just so awesome to run with someone else. The miles of the race just flew by, I can not even count how many time we would be runnign and see another mile marker and be shocked because we had just seen one about a minuet ago (well not really but it sure felt like it).
I have to say that Disney does not disapoint in there races. I knew we would see charetores along the way, but I just kinda expected the Princess and that would be it. They had charetores from almost every story they have, the only bad thing about it was that the lines to get some of the pictures was just so long that we really did waste a lot of time getting pictures…. But I would do it the same way again if I ever have the chance.

The race went from Epcot to the Magic Kindom, and there is not a lot of anything inbetween the two. Disney did make the effort to have some charetors along the way, but it could have made for a very boring run with not much to see. I was so greatfull that I had Jill and Anna, I never did get board and just so enjoyed the company and conversations. I never knew how much we all had in common and am just so thankfull to have had the chance to meet the two of them and share this experence with them.

As far as my shins and my sore feet went it was not too bad. My shins did not really bother me at all duing the race but after they complained a little. My feet hurt so bad by the end of the race but I truly believe it was from the previous days events. I personally felt great during the whole race, I never got tired or sore. We did walk about three miles of the race which was fine by me, I knew this was not the race for a good time and I just enjoyed the company too much to run ahead. I am signing up for another half in two weeks here at home just so that I could see if I can do it with out all the photo opts. I feel very confedent that I can, but am sad that I will have to run it alone. I will be thinking about Disney and my running mama’s the whole race and wishing that all my races could be as fun as this one was.  If you are thinking about running this race I say do it, but do it for fun and with friends. 

After getting back from the race my wonderfull husband showed me again why I love him so much. This was my first half marthon and he had a trophy made for me. The trophy reads “Congratulations on completing your first Half Marathon. Your loving husband” How totally seet is that, I have the best husband ever!



Anne Marie said...

Yeah! Nice, nice! It's SOOO great to see pics of all the cafemom running group mama's together. very special!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Happened to catch the title of your blog, as a former Kansas City raised gal i wanted to stop by!! I live in FL now and really wanted to do the princess but missed out. Seems like you had a great time!

Tracey Kite said...

Hi Amanda! That is so funny; I am a Florida girl living in Kansas now. I am sorry you did not make it this year to the Princess; I hope you get to do it next year. It truly was a blast!

Nursing Stroller-Pushing Marathoner said...

I love the picture of us coming out of the castle! Great report, I totally forgot it was your first half marathon...congratulations! How sweet of your husband to make a trophy for you. Really enjoyed running with you...can't wait for next time!

jill said...

how sweet is neil!! that is so awesome! and that pic of us running at epcot - who took that? i hope that's on the cd you send me.

this is a great read! i'm going to print out everyone's disney stories to save for all time...

Anne said...

How awesome! I will definitely be joining you guys in the future - maybe 2012???

I love seeing everyone get together - makes me jealous but SO happy for all of you!

On The Road... said...

That looks like so much fun!