Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Plane hits runner and runner is to blame?

I am so sick of people blaming runners for getting hit by cars or in this case hit by a plane because they listen to their iPod. I understand that listening to music does prevent you from hearing some things, but does that really make it your fault when a plane falls out of the sky and kills you? Is it your fault then when a driver is talking on their cell phone and not paying attention and then hit you? Why is it that so many people blame the runner?

I heard this story on the news tonight about a small plane that lost its propeller and glided to the ground and in the process hit and killed Robert G. Jones who was running on the beach. I was sad and felt very bad for the man and even the pilot of the plane who I am sure feels bad about killing another man. Then I log in to check my facebook page and Runners World posted the story on their page. What happens everyone starts talking about how the guy was listening to his iPod and it must have been his fault. I was just shocked and frankly pissed off. I cannot even believe that people are blaming the poor runner who was out for a nice run and a freaking plane kills him. HOW IS IT HIS FAULT? If these people actually read the whole article instead of the first sentence that stated that the runner was listening to his iPod (like it is even relevant) they would have seen that the propeller fell off the plane which means it was SILENT. Even if Robert G. Jones was not listening to his iPod he would not have heard the plane, and I can attest that if the propeller had not fallen off and he would have heard the plane no matter how loud his music was (I know this as a fact since I fly in a small aircraft all the time, my husband is a pilot).

I think what bugs me the most is that other runners were putting the blame on this victim (because that is what Robert G. Jones is) only because he was wearing an iPod. I understand that there is a big controversy about music and running; some think you are not a true runner if you listen to music (I don’t get that, you are still running either way). I personally do both, I will listen to my music on some runs and not listen to it on others. People need to look at the whole picture before they blame someone for the simple fact that they were listening to music. I do get that in some cases it may be the runner’s fault, if they are not paying attention and run out in front of a car and get hit. My issue is that if you run and listen to music then no matter what happens (even a plane falling from the sky) it is automatically your fault if you are hurt or killed. I don’t care what your take is on the whole iPod debate, it should not matter when someone is killed they should not automatically be blamed for the sole purpose that they were listing to music. If this was the case then all car accidents should be blamed on the driver that was listening to the radio and I am willing to bet just about everyone does.

Here is a link to the article if you are interested in reading it http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100316/ap_on_re_us/us_plane_kills_beachgoer



AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

I actually haven't heard this story, and yeah, that's CRAZY! wow. will have to check it out. thanks for sharing, and dang that is just weird!

RunMom said...

Totally agreed. Besides, what are the chances he would really have been able to get out of the way? I mean I've got to imagine it was falling pretty dang fast. What a freak accident.

Anne said...

Wow - that's amazing. First of all, that such a freak accident (I emphasize that it's a freak accident) would occur, and then that people would blame anyone.

I can't help but think that if this had been anyone else playing on the beach, the blame would not have been against that person.

But, we can't change people - and we can't change what they say. All we can do is continue to spread awareness. Thanks for doing that!

Jen said...

CRAZINESS. I used to run with my iPod, but I CHOSEN not to for my own safety... not because I think it is wrong... but I feel more safe. This is America... isn't freedom to listen to music in our constitution somewhere? LOL!