Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Winter Blues

Well this week has not been such a great week. Basically the whole week I have felt sluggish, tired and totally unmotivated. It started out with me feeling sick, then just moved on to me not wanting to do anything. I got in my P90X workouts but really slacked off on my running. The motivation was just not there this week. Heck the motivation has not been there for much of anything except sitting around doing nothing. My house is a mess, and I have not really cooked dinner much this week.

So some of the things going on this week have just been crazy. As most of you know I have 2 jobs my regular full time job and a part-time job. Well my part-time job called last week to let me know they made an error and my pay check bounced. The assured me that they were very sorry and were totally at fault here and were sending me out a new check. So I get the new check at the same time I get my current paycheck in the mail, so now I have a month’s worth of pay checks and am ready to hit the bank so I can pay some bills. Before I ever even make it to the bank I find out that the checks are no good there is still no money in the accounts and I cannot cash the checks. Well let’s just say this has done a lot to keep my mood dull this week. It is now the weekend and there is still no money in the accounts to cash the checks. I am still not sure what I am going to do about this job, part of me just wants to quit, the other part knows we need the money (well if we ever get the money). I have been assured for the 3rd time that the money will be there Monday, I have no expectations of that but we will see I guess.

Another damper on the week is my wonderful daughter has decided that she is ready to test her independence and has been perfecting the art of the tantrum. There has not really been one day this week where we have not had a mind blowing tantrum. This kid is stubborn and she really knows how to hold out. I am now to the point of just ignoring her when she is having them. I have tried everything else and nothing has worked so this is the last step before we send her off to military school if they will take her (this is a joke people, don’t freak out).

So those are just some of the factors going on this week, the last one is just cabin fever. I am a work at home mom so I am home all day. I am also a total winter hater so I don’t get out much when the weather is bad, you put those two together along with the bad winter he have had and you got me stuck in this house for almost a month straight. I can’t take it anymore. I am an outdoors person; the sunshine makes me happy it recharges my batteries. I did make it out one day this week and had the best 5 mile run of my life. I am starting to think that had a lot to do with just getting out.

So I have decided that I need to get the heck out of this house, so I am taking my daughter out for a girls day. I have no idea what we are going to do, but as long as we are not home that is good for me. I am also secretly hoping that a bonding day may help with the tantrums but not sure if that will work on a 2 yr old. I need to start figuring out something to do that gets me out of the house more. It looks like the weather is warming up a bit and the ice has started to melt so more outside runs maybe in my future. But what other things are there to do in the winter? I will have to start finding something or get some airline miles and start flying south for the winter like the birds.

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