Sunday, January 17, 2010

Running in the Snow!

So the plan today was to get out and do a 9 mile run. I usually do my long runs first thing in the morning, but we had freezing fog and the weather man kept talking about the sun coming out today so I decided to wait it out. I ended up getting some chores done in the morning and even went to the running store to stock up on fuel supplies. So after I get everything done and eat some lunch, the fog is still there and it started to look like I was just going to have to run in it. So I got ready to go and headed out to my favorite trail.

On the way to the park the sun came out and that really brightened my mood. There is nothing like a nice run in the sun (well unless it is 90 degrees out then there is nothing like a run in the shade). I get to the park and start my stretches then put my fuel belt and iPod on and head to the trail. To my utter horror the trail is totally covered in snow. I was shocked, I mean it has been above freezing for a couple days, yeah there is still snow on the ground but this is a paved trail. I thought it would be melted or maybe plowed (I know here is another stupid winter thing the Floridian did, just something else to add to my duh what were you thinking list)

Well now I am at the trail the day is mostly gone so I say what the heck let’s give it a try. Man that first mile my calves were on fire. I knew there was no way I was going to make 10 miles in this so I headed out for 1 mile then headed back to the car. I decided that I should at least give it 4 miles and see how I felt then. So I left the fuel belt in the car this time stretched out my calves some more and grabbed my camera because I thought no one would believe I really ran in this if I did not have pictures of it.

I decided to head out in the opposite direction and see if the trail was any better that way. Nope same thing, snow covered and in some spots up to my ankles. Oh well it was worth a shot. My legs finally stopped hurting real bad and I started to actually enjoy the run. I am curious though, is there a certain form or stride for snow running? I found myself running like I was running through tires, I am sure I looked pretty stupid. There were a few spots where some of the snow had melted and I found myself really looking forward to those where I could run normal without all the slipping and sliding or knee rises. This snow running is a little confusing for this Florida girl.

After another couple miles I decide that I could do more so I head out for another 2 and now I am feeling like I got this snow thing down. In all but the deepest places I can actually run a little normal now except when I slip and slide that is. I kind of have a stride going, and am enjoying the sound my feel make as they crunch in the snow. As I get to 5 my legs are getting pretty tired and I start to feel that this is going to be my last mile. I am wishing at this point that I had not left the fuel belt in the car; I think if I could have fueled up a little maybe I could have made the 9 or at least another 2. Oh well lessons learned. I made it 6 miles in the snow on my first ever snow run. Granted this run was not planed as a snow run, but I had fun with it. It is things like this that really make me feel like a real runner. I mean come on who but a runner would say hey the trail is covered in snow let’s see what it is like to run in that! I know I am not the first and will not be the last person to run in snow, but I am glad I had my chance and now I know it is not that bad and I know I will do it again. I have a much greater appreciation for all of you who run in the snow; it is defiantly harder to run in but can be a lot of fun too!

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