Friday, January 8, 2010

This foreign thing called winter

Now really you all did not think I would start a blog and not put something on here about the COLD WINTER we are having did you?

So as you all know I am from Miami Florida, about as far south as you can get and still be in the US. Well we moved to Tonganoxie, KS (try saying that 3 times fast) about 1 ½ years ago. I will tell you, I love it here. The people are nicer, there is more to see, the traffic is not bad (OK there is no traffic compared to Miami), we are in the country so we have land (the houses in Miami have maybe 3 feet between each house), we have wild animals that come to visit, all in all I love it. Then there is this foreign thing call winter that keeps happening. I know most of you are like give me a break Tracey it is not that bad there. I totally understand that, but you all need to understand how it is to grow up in Miami. I mean really people there is not winter none, it does not happen ever… sometimes it may get cold but never for long before it is back in the 70’s.

For many of you it must be hard to believe there is a place with no winter and people may not understand what winter is; but it is true. Growing up in Miami you don’t know things that the rest of the country know, and people from the rest of the country don’t share the information thinking that it is common since…well people it’s not. There are many things that I have done that you all will think is stupid, but people who are from Miami would understand. First thing, we Summer folk put water in our windshield wiper fluid because water is free and it works just fine, well no one told me that you CAN’T do that in winter, Let’s just say when you try to squirt your windshield all it does is create a layer of Ice on your windshield so you can’t see a thing…URGH frustrating I tell you. Second thing, I never heard of an ice scraper thingy and of course did not have one for the Ice on the windshield. Third thing, being from Miami there is a thing we call Wash and go. All the hair stylists there understand this, we get hair cuts that are wash and go cuts. This means we wash our hair and then we go, no styling, and NO DRYING. This is something you absolutely CAN NOT DO in winter, but of course no one ever told me. I learned this lesson when my hair froze solid, it really froze people my hair was hard as a rock WTF. Now all of you not from Miami are thinking what an idiot, all of you from Miami are thinking I would have done that too. You see people we really are totally clueless about this stuff, there needs to be a winter handbook to prepare us summer people for this foreign thing called winter.

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Yay Tracey! I can't wait to follow you!