Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Running in the Dark

Do you run in the dark?  I usually have to squeeze my runs in before my husband leaves for work so that means I am usually running in the dark at 5am.  Truthfully I usually don't mind, there is something peacefull about being the only one up and out first thing in the morning. 

Before this last injury, there were mornings when my runs were just long enough to see the sun come up and I gotta say those were my favorite runs.  There is no better way to bring in the day then out on a morning run while watching the sun rise and listening to the birds sing.

This time of year, I usually opt for the treadmill instead of a nice run ouside because it is so cold at 5am.  But today, I was blessed with a nice warm 40 degree morning so I geared up and took my run outside. And I must say I feel awesome today, you just don't get this feeling when running on the treadmill.

I know a lot of people (espically us women) are afraid of running in the dark.  So I am wondering do you run in the dark?  Are you afraid?  And what do you think, if you have to run in the dark is it safer in the morning or in the evening?


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