Monday, December 19, 2011

Running Dog?

Prada's First 8k Race
A few years ago while out on a morning run I was followed by a van.  After back tracking and some of the fastest running I have ever done I made it home okay only to be terrified of what might have happened.  So I told my husband that I needed a Running Dog, too which he agreed (it freaked him out too).  I started doing some research on what the best running dog would be and came up with the Australian Shepard.  I then found a rescue group and talked to the lady in charge, since I had a new baby an old dog and two cats I needed  dog that would fit into our already big family.  She said she had the perfect dog for us and when we met her it was love at first lick.  Prada (that was her name and we kept it) has not left my side since.

Well until our first winter in Kansas and I chickened out of running in the cold.  You see she got fat and lazy that first winter.  And I have had a hard time getting her back into running.  She keeps getting fatter and fatter and lazier and lazier while I go out and get stronger and healthier.  So this morning I decided to leash her up and make her run with me.  Since I am just starting back again I am slower and only doing two miles at a time so I thought it was the right time to get her back into it.

My question to you all is this, do I have the right to choose if she is a running dog or not?  Should I make her run if she does not want to?  Is it wrong to not take her running and let her get fatter and fatter?


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