Friday, July 1, 2011

The Virtual 5k

After a 4 day drive with some visiting along the way I am in Miami with my two baby girls (well my oldest is turning 4 in a couple days so I guess she officially is not a baby any longer). 

My sister flew up to Kansas to drive down with me and help with the kids, man I am so glad she did.  Two kids would have been too much even for me on this long drive.  We made it to Miami on Sunday and that night I went out to do my Virtual 5k that Tara Tosta was hosting to help find a cure for diabetes. 

My sister was going to do this 5k with me, but she got sick on the trip and was not feeling well so she stayed home.  I can be a bit of a chicken running in a new place so I took there dog Cheyenne with me on my run.  After several days of traveling and not much sleep (I don’t sleep well in hotels, and my 4mo old still does not sleep through the night) this run did not go as well as I would have liked.  It was hard to say the least, but I pushed through and did it even if there was some walking involved.

I know that I will get back to my old running self where a 5k is just a walk in the park but it can be frustrating when you know you use to run this distance for fun and it is so hard now.  Some days I go out and 3 miles is not so bad so I know I am getting better, just have to keep pushing through and in time I will be knocking out 10 milers like nothing.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Tara got many companies to support her 5k by donating tons of great items to auction off for the participants.  I was super excited to find out that I won a $15 gift card for RoadID.  I am a huge fan of RoadID, I think everyone who goes out to run should have one.  You never know when something bad may happen and I for sure would want my family to be notified if I was hurt.  So I am super excited to have won this, I may already have a RoadID but members of my family who run don’t so you know they will be getting one for sure now :).  Looks like Tara is going to do this race yearly so check out her blog that way you don’t miss out on the fun next year.

I am running a 5k with my sister in a few days and can’t wait to see how we do.  I will be rested and not coming off a 4 day drive so I am planning on kicking some 5k booty this time. 

Happy Running all and remember we may have a bad run but that just means the next one will be better!!! So get out there and run!