Saturday, June 18, 2011

Need some motivation please!!

It has been 4 months since I had my new baby girl, and I have to say that I am struggling to get back to my healthy ways.  My diet is not too terrible but I forgot how hard it was to lose weight.  For me I have to really watch what I eat and not cheat if I want to lose anything.  The first 12 pounds seemed to just fall off but now these last 10 I am really struggling with.  Some days I am right on point and others I cheat badly.  I will keep on fighting this and know that even though it may be hard I will get back to my old weight and fit in to all my clothes!!!

As far as working out, well this is difficult to say the least with two kids around.  I have gotten some great workouts in and do manage to work out every week.  But having a normal workout routine has proven difficult.  I am finding that I cannot commit to work out every day at a certain time because the baby may have a bad night and wake up 20times and I am too tired or I can’t get her down for a nap to get my run on in the afternoon.

Even though I seem to have some really great excuses on why after 4 months I am not in better shape, I think one of the things I am struggling with the most these days is motivation.  Some days I got it, others not so much.  So to help with my motivation I have signed up to run 2 5k’s in the next couple of weeks. 

Virtual 5KThe first 5k is for a cause I believe in.  My Ultra running friend Tara is hosting a virtual 5k to help raise money for Type 1 Diabetes.  If you don’t know anything about Type 1 diabetes just know that this disease sucks big time.  It is nothing like Type 2 and there is no cure.  So if you want to do something to help this cause just click here to sign up for this 5k it is only $10 to enter and she has a pretty nice list of times that were donated to raffle off to the runners, so go check it out.

My second 5k is down in Miami with my sister for July 4th.  We (meaning my sister and I) are racing each other.  Now I have been running a lot longer than my sister and have always kicked her booty.  So going into this challenge I really did not feel the pressure.  Well I find out yesterday my big sister has really been training.  Yes folks I better kick it in gear or she is going to beat me.  

I am planning on going out and getting 4miles in this morning after my hubby wakes up so he can take care of the kiddos while I get my run on.  I really don’t feel like it but I know that I have to push myself.  I am waiting for those mornings when all I want to do is run.  I remember those days and look forward to getting them back.  

Maybe I need to find a special reward to give myself if I stay on track for a month and loose these last 10pounds and keep a decent workout schedule (I say decent because a normal schedule is just not going to happen right now).  Maybe a new running skirt or a pair of Nike Frees (I have wanted to try them).  What do you all think is a good reward that could help to motivate me so I stay on track?  

 How do you stay motivated when life gets in the way and sleep does not always happen? 


Reyna said...

First off, thanks for running for this great cause (The Virtual 5K for a CURE). It is a cause near and dear to my heart.


How old are your kiddos? I used to push my guys in the "double wide" stroller on my runs. It became part of a routine. Every morning between morning snack and lunch, I would strap the kids in and go. It worked great. Just an idea.

Good luck.

AND...have fun on the July 4th run with your sis. My sis would fo' sho' kick my booty.

Janice said...

I wish I had some great secret to share with you that would help, but I don't. I was skinny all my life and could eat anything until my thyroid started to fail. Since then I've had to really work to lose weight. Last year I lost 30 lbs and got down to my goal weight. I gained 10 back this winter and am struggling. Like you, some days I'm great and others I'm HORRIBLE! Every morning I wake up and tell myself I'll be good. If I can start having more good days than bad, I think I'll get there. Fingers crossed.

I'm finding that I'm more motivated to work out these days and I'm not sure why. I think it's because I took the pressure off myself and now I just enjoy workout time. I don't follow a plan. If it's a good sunny day and not too windy, I'll hit the bike. If not, I'll run. By not focusing on a plan and not worrying about speed, I've been able to increase my distances and just enjoy it.

My girls are almost 11 & 13, so I have more freedom now. And they sleep! I remember the days you're experiencing. They are a challenge.

Tracey Kite said...

Reyna, Your sister would totally kick my booty too. I would not even try to challenge that woman ;).

My little on is only 4mo. I think I have to wait 2more months before I can throw her in the jogger. Once I can do that it should be a little easier to get out and run. I do have a treadmill, but the motivation/time is just not always there.

Tracey Kite said...

Janice, I feel you. I have struggled with my weight most of my life, but before I had my kids I got down to my goal and was so happy. I have not been able to get back there since.

And just like you I tell myself everyday that I will be good and some days that works others I can't seem to put down the candy. We will get there just have to find the motivation to make us stop eating the crap and keep on moving.

Thanks for sharing your story it really does help to know that I am not the only one that struggles and has bad days.